Baby Girl Unexpectedly Stops Breathing. You Won’t Believe Who Saved Her Life.

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Six years ago, the Brousseau family adopted a rescue dog named Duke from their local animal shelter. What they didn’t know at the time, was that Duke would one day return the favor. That the rescue dog would literally come to the family’s rescue.

It was a Sunday night and Brosseau’s were sound asleep. When out of no where, Duke ran into the main bedroom while shaking violently. This was completely out of character for the normally calm pooch. The Brosseau’s knew something was not right. 

Instantly, Jenna Brousseau jumped out of bed and went to check on their baby girl. Upon inspection, she realized that her daughter was not breathing. The family immediately called 911.

Fortunately, when the medics arrived, they were able to revive the baby. She was taken to the hospital to be monitored over night and was able to go back home soon after. But, If it wasn’t for Duke, this story could have ended very differently.

Check out their entire story in the video below.

After experiencing such a miraculous moment, the Brosseau’s hope that their story inspires more people to rescue an animal instead of buying one.


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