These 4 Little Babies Have A Laugh That’s So Good, It’s Actually Contagious!

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When David found out that his wife is going to have quadruplets, he was left speechless. Like most new parents, they were both expecting to have one child at a time. Instead, they were given four little blessings at once.

Initially, the idea of having so many children scared David. He was worried about the cost, taking care of them, their future, and so much more. It was a natural reaction because feeding an extra four people on a middle class income is not easy.

However, once they were born, that all changed for David. Once he saw their little faces, all the fear he had suddenly vanished into thin air. Both he and his wife instantly fell in love with all four little babies.

In the video below, you’re going to see David playing with his quadruplets. I know that may not sound like a particularly interesting video but it’s actually very entertaining. Seeing these babies laughing and smiling is just flat out contagious. You may just start laughing right alongside with them!

See the hilariously cute moment for yourself. Check it out below.


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