A Baby Sits Down Next To A Boot. Now Keep Watching.. This Got 42,000,000 VIEWS In A Week.

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What you’re about to see is currently one of the most viral videos on the internet. It was uploaded less than a week ago and has already received a jaw dropping 42 million views! With numbers that impressive, you just know that it’s going to be good.

Uploaded by Facebook user EllenTube, the video is only 46 seconds long. While that may seem short, every second is filled with heart melting cuteness. We think you’re going to absolutely love it.

Simply put, the video is about a baby trying to put on a boot. I realize that may sound completely boring but it’s actually quite entertaining. This baby doesn’t put on the boot like you or I would.

He has a technique that is strange yet super cute. The baby lies on his side while trying aim his foot into the boot! You simply need to see the video to appreciate the moment.

Check it out below.


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