She Entered A Huge Enclosure.. Now Keep Your Eyes To The Left.. This Is UNBELIEVABLE.

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When Pardus, the black leopard, was born, she was quickly abandoned by her mother. It was a terrible loss for the youngster but all hope was not lost. In a stroke of amazing luck, Pradus was found by the South African conservation group, The Cheetah Experience.

Volunteer, Juhi Agrawal, has been hand raising the cub since day one. This love and care has created a unbelievably close bond between the two. In fact, Pardus is so loving towards Juhi that you’d swear he was a dog not a leopard.

Here’s what makes this so special. Unlike lions, leopards are considered very anti-social animals in the wild. They spend most of their time hiding, lurking, or stalking their prey. The only time they actually interact with another leopard is during mating.

While Pradus will never be able to go back into the wild, she has a very good life at The Cheetah Exeperience. She lives in a huge enclosure and is given walks across the plains everyday. Furthermore, when she’s a little older, they plan to enter her in their breeding program.

This program is specifically for animals that are at risk of being extinct. However, we also like to think of it as an opportunity for Pradus to experience motherhood.

Take a look at the video below to see how much Pradus loves Juhi. It’s quite astonishing!


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