Coach teaches his team a lesson after he sees them disrespecting the national anthem.

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As Virginia Tech basketball coach, Buzz Williams, stood in silence for the national anthem, he noticed something disturbing. His players were being incredibly disrespectful. They were fidgeting, looking in random directions, and even talking.

Sadly, in college basketball as a whole, this happens far more often than it should. If you watch the games on TV, you can catch the acts of disrespect for yourself. Worst of all, many players have no idea what they’re doing is wrong.

Instead of letting it go, coach Williams decided to teach his players a lesson. He invited a big group of veterans to one of their practices. They lined up face to face while coach Williams delivered a tear inducing speech about respect.

Towards the end of the video, he makes the players listen to the anthem. However, he wants it done without any swaying, head looking down, or other disrespectful gestures. So many people gave their lives for the anthem and what it represents. The least that people can do is show it the proper respect.

See the amazing moment for yourself. Check it out below.
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