Man Trains His Cat To Do Amazing Tricks.

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We here at Rosey News have shared a countless number of videos that highlight the intelligence of dogs. Such as the 12 week old puppy who learned several impressive tricks or the dog that can salsa dance with his owner. However, we haven’t shared nearly enough videos that showcase the intelligence of cats.

To correct that, we’re going to share with you a special cat video. It really emphasizes how much cats can learn if the owner is willing to take the time to properly train them.

Uploaded by user CATMANTOO, the video begins with a clever little joke. The cat, Didga, walks over to the computer, goes to YouTube, and looks at dogs performing tricks.

After that, Didga goes on to perform all sorts of moves. Some of the tricks are pretty basic but others are just downright amazing. A few of them can’t even be performed by dogs!

See the amazing video for yourself. Check it out below.

(Make sure to have your sound turned up)


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