He Told His Boss He Might Be Late Because His Baby Is Sick. Here’s How The Boss Responded.

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Just as one man started a new job, he was hit with some terrible news. His baby girl was born prematurely and things did not look good. She had to be helicoptered to a facility with an intensive care unit for babies.

This put the man in a very difficult situation. He wanted to be with his little girl but he also didn’t want to lose his newly acquired job. With only 2.5 vacation days in his name, he tried to work something out with his boss.

That’s when something completely unexpected happened.  Take a look below to see the whole story.

I just started a new job and my wife was due with our first daughter in 3 months. Well, my daughter came about 1.5 months early and due to several medical problems on top of being premature ended up being helicoptered to the NICU in a city about 3 hrs away. Because I was so new, I couldn’t use any vacation time and I had only earned around 2.5 days of sick leave.


“I was an emotional wreck to say the least when I called my boss and told him the situation. I somehow tried to convince him that I would just drive to and from the NICU 3 hrs each way to work every day so I could be with my daughter after I used up my sick time. He said, “NO WAY”, marched down to HR and told them to take all the sick leave that I was going to need and donate it from his account so I could be with my daughter. It ended up being 2 weeks and I’ll respect that guy for the rest of my life. Best boss ever.

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