5 Doctors Line Up Behind A Blue Sheet. What’s Hidden Behind? This Is Just TOO GOOD!

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Gary Cozine has been working as an anesthetist for many years. However, there’s something about him that makes him very different from the doctors that you may know.

Besides being a doctor, Gary is also a talented musician. He founded a band called The Laryngospasms over 20 years ago. What he hoped to accomplish is to use music to make people smile and laugh.

The type of songs he performs with his friends at the hospital is absolutely hilarious to watch. Their most popular song, “Waking Up Is Hard To Do”, has gotten over 10 million views on YouTube ever since it was uploaded. Make sure you pay attention to the lyrics. They are simple, but you are going to love them!

Seeing this group of doctors having so much fun together is just too awesome for words. Their performance is guaranteed to make you smile!

Watch their video below.


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