8 Clydesdales Made A 95-Year-Old Woman’s Wish Come True.

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Marion Roberts is a 95-year-old woman. When she was just a little girl, her parents got her a pony and she has been in love with horses ever since. After growing up, she even became a trick rider and participated in many rodeo events.

She spends most of her time in a wheelchair these days. But there is one thing that she has always dreamt about, and that is meeting the beautiful Clydesdales in the famous Budweiser Super Bowl ads.

When Warm Springs Ranch, the place where these Clydesdales are raised, found out about Marion’s wish, they brought her in to let her rub noses with them!

Take a look at the precious pictures below:







As you can see, Marion instantly bonded with the Clydesdales. It’s such an incredibly sweet moment.

When they asked her what her favorite thing about horses was, she said:


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