3 Minute Video That Shows Why Beagles Are The Funniest Dogs.

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Dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend. It’s an accurate way of describing them but I think dogs are also worthy of another title. That title being: “man’s funniest friend.”.

I know that sounds a little silly but just think about all the times that a dog has made you laugh. Whether it was through a video, your own dog acting goofy, a neighbors dog, etc. When you look at it in that respect, the title kind of makes sense. 

In today’s video we’re going to look at a breed of dog that truly deserve the title of “man’s funniest friend”. That breed is the hilariously adorable beagle! You might be asking yourself, “why did you specifically choose beagles?”. It’s simple, they’re responsible for an extraordinarily high amount of funny videos.  So much so, the video below is a compilation of many funny beagle moments. We genuinely think it’ll be one of the funniest videos you’ve seen in a long time!

Check it out below.


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