Daughter Reveals Her Little Secret.. Now Keep Your Eye On Her Father.. He LOSES it!

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What you’re about to see is currently one of the most viral videos on the internet. In just a mere 3 days it has managed to receive over 1.1 million views on YouTube. With so much momentum behind it, we think it will easily break the 2 million views mark.

When Alexa Goolsby found out that she was pregnant, she couldn’t wait to break the news to her parents. Alexa knew that they were going to go wild over the idea of becoming grandparents.

However, she didn’t want to just flat out tell them. Alexa wanted to reveal her pregnancy through a game called the “whisper challenge”. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it basically involves putting on headphones with loud music playing and then guessing what other people are saying.

Alexa’s mother was quite good at this game. She managed to figure out the good news on her very first guess. However, Alexa’s father was the complete opposite.

He took a series of enthusiastic guesses that were hilariously wrong. The entire family couldn’t help but laugh out loud at what he was saying. Fortunately, after minute he manages to figure it out and his reaction is just as awesome as his guesses.

See the priceless moment for yourself. Check it out below.


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