Young man finds $2000 on the floor and decides to do the right thing.

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Picture this, you’re at work when all of a sudden you see a *cash* check for $2000 on the floor. There is no name on the check and just about anyone could cash it. How would you react? What would you do?

Today, you’re going to see a young man named Rools who found himself in this very position. While many people might be tempted to take the money, he didn’t even need to think about his next move. Rools knew he had to do what was right.


“I was making dinner tonight when my door bell rang. This beautiful kid, a cashier at Chipotle Mexican Grill, had found on the floor a $2K *cash* check my husband had used to pay a supplier. He got the address from the check and drove to my house to return it. He could easily have cashed it, but he chose to knock on the door of a stranger to return the check. Chipotle, be proud of Rools, he rocks!”


Cristiane Reis

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